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Grammar – What a Verb Is, and What Verbs Aren’t Video

Dear reader, thanks for the positive feedback you gave us for this blog. For those people who have trouble in grammar we have good news for you. Now you can Learn Grammar from our new video series.

To start, let us see on What a Verb Is, and What Verbs Aren’t in video.

In this video the Grammarian explains why you should think of a verb as something with a subject, rather than as an "action word".

See the video and try practicing with similar words.

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Innovation – 3-Steps to Creating New Realities

Do you want to create something new, or perhaps change part of your life? Consider that, whatsoever you desire can be yours if you ask for it believing that you already have it – even if it doesn't exist yet. In other words, if you think about a thing in such a way that you truly FEEL grateful and happy that you have received it, then it will be given to you, or you will be led to it – and inspired to achieve it.

When you place your "mental order," for something new or different, with a prayer, hope, dream, etc, there are two components you must consider: What you want; and,

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