A Few Things To Think About When You Write Your CV

As soon as you feel you have gathered enough data about the position you are finding out about begin writing the CV with a few of the things to follow in mind.

Are their specific key skills the job advert asks for, ensure that you provide appropriate skills within your CV so that the potential employer can know that you are appropriate to the job.

Ensure that the covering letter is relevant and brief and enables the potential employer you are approaching to see why you would be the applicant for the job. This involves making sure that any data you have gathered about the needs of the position offered are talked about in a positive way for you within the covering note.

Ensure that contact information are clearly shown at the top of the page so that the potential employer doesn’t have to go hunting through lots of text to get hold of you.

Never use negative language when talking about yourself, your skills or the company you are interested in. Be bright and positive about yourself and the position you are interested in, you can, get the position you want.

When listing qualifications and previous jobs ensure you list the most recent qualification and job first and work the timeline backwards from there. Place the educational section first if you are just out of college with any relevant jobs afterwards. As you have more jobs place the list of employers first with your education afterwards. In both categories draw out information that is appropriate to the job you are applying for. Add any additional relevant vocational qualifications after this.

Hobbies and interests can reflect well on the job you are looking at applying for if you can ensure the skills within it are beneficial, team sports for example showing that you enjoy working as part of a team.

Finally try to get the end product typed out on a computer and get a copy stored on disc. If you don’t have your own computer, you may be able to book the computer at your local library or pop into a local internet cafĂ© and talk to the owner there. If you cant get to a computer and you have tidy handwriting ensure you use some quality paper to give the correct impression to your potential employer.

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