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How To Be More Creative With A Magic 3 Letter Word

As someone creative, it’s natural to ask a lot of questions. Curiosity and the desire for knowledge are hallmarks of the active creative mind, and asking the right kinds of questions leads to great inspiration and discovery, and fuels your creativity no end.

Questions can also be very powerful in STOPPING you from being more creative though, if you ask the wrong ones. A closed question or one embedded with doubts or negativity will lead you into a loop of frustration, inactivity and eventually complete creative block.

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How To Speed Read

How to read fast

You acquire skills, which help you to read fast over time as practice reading. The problem is many people fail to see the skills they learn through reading. Reading builds comprehension, vocabulary, and helps a person to define information. With the basic tools in hand, most people merely need to say, “I am going to speed-read today.” Delaying, is only putting off what you can accomplish today.

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Goal Setting For Success

If you decide to go on a holiday (which is a goal in itself), you have likely planned where you are going and how you are going to get there, before you start your holiday. Why do we not apply the same ideas to the goals that we set in our own lives?

All of us have had goals from time to time. Whether they be goals to lose weight, or save for your first home, or career goals associated with earning a higher salary.

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Success – 3 Simple Steps To Success

Successful people are in the minority & there are many reasons behind this. The truth of the matter is that successful people really do think differently than most people. However they weren’t always like that. Before you are able to find success you may have to make some adjustments in the way you are currently thinking.

Here are some suggestions:

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