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How to Manage Your Time Efficiently

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Thank you for your interest towards this blog. Today we will see how to manage the time efficiently.

If we all have 24 hours in a day, why is it that some of us feel like we have no time at all, while others seem able to balance work and leisure?

The 80/20 Rule

According to Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist, 20% of what we do produces 80% of the results we see while 80% of what we do produced 20% of the results we see. If this is so, than many of us are expending a lot of energy for relatively nothing. That’s what makes time management and learning to say “no” so important to achieving quality of life.

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How To Speed Read

How to read fast

You acquire skills, which help you to read fast over time as practice reading. The problem is many people fail to see the skills they learn through reading. Reading builds comprehension, vocabulary, and helps a person to define information. With the basic tools in hand, most people merely need to say, “I am going to speed-read today.” Delaying, is only putting off what you can accomplish today.

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