Improve Your Communication Skills, Style & Speech

Communication includes diplomacy, style, pitch, vocabulary & tone. Sometimes you have to watch how you communicate with people. Without being diplomatic, you may not be an effective communicator. Diplomacy means skill in managing negotiations, handling people etc… so that there is little or no ill will; have tact & skill in dealing with people.

When you learn how to communicate with people it determines how they will or will not respond to you.


Your communication style is more than how you talk to others. It includes your body language, your vocabulary, your tone & pitch. You can work on improving your communication style, once you identify it.


Now that you’ve identified your style, you must now work on improving it. Listen at the tone and pitch that you use in communicating. A high pitch may come across as being nervous. Work towards lowering your pitch. Your tone of voice is very important. Your tone shows your confidence level, some people can tell by your tone if you are angry or shy. Try to have a netural tone but try not to sound boring. You have to work towards modulating your voice, its pitch and tone according to your surroundings.

Talking too fast can also be a sign of nervousness. Talking too slowly can sound boring, so keep it at a normal pace.


It is very important that you enunciate your words while speaking. Communication becomes easier when the people you are communicating with, can understand you. That’s only possible if you speak clearly and enunciate your words. It does not help communication if the person has to ask you to repeat every word.

Animate does not mean that you make a fool of yourself while communicating, it just means being livelier or upbeat while talking. Don’t be dull or talk in monotones, as this will make the listener tune out from what you are saying. Adjust your voice modulation, lower and increase pitch whenever necessary, use hand gestures to get the attention of the listener. Make sure that you are not boring the person you are to speaking to.


It’s very important that your vocabulary is good. Many times you are judged by the words that you use and the language. Don’t use small or big words to that you don’t know the meaning of. You’ll only make yourself look strange by using a word out of context. Use words that are easily understood and that are easy to pronounce. Pronunciation is key & it’s a big part of your vocabulary. It enhances your communication skills. If you cannot pronounce a word or are unsure of its pronunciation, avoid using it all together.

As a business owner or professional, you have to communicate with different people from all walks of life. By following the tips above, your communication will be more effective and command attention.


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    i want to improve on public speaking.

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  • By krishna prasad on May 31, 2008

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  • By krishna prasad on May 31, 2008

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  • By Anil on Jun 4, 2008

    I recently attended one interview in a marketing Research firm. I didnt get through it. I got a feed back from him is that i am lacking in communication and confidence. Please give me asugessions how to do practical way of improving these skills.


  • By sivaranjani on Jun 6, 2008

    ur tips for communication is good.Give out with some examples

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    thank you its really helpful for us.

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