Success – 3 Simple Steps To Success

Successful people are in the minority & there are many reasons behind this. The truth of the matter is that successful people really do think differently than most people. However they weren’t always like that. Before you are able to find success you may have to make some adjustments in the way you are currently thinking.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Desire

2. Belief

3. Commitment


How bad do you really want it? It doesn’t matter what you want or how hard you think it will be for you to get it. What matters is your level of desire. Anyone who achieved anything out of the ordinary & became successful did it because they wanted it badly enough. For you to become successful in anything you are going to have to take the road less traveled. You are going to have to pay some kind of price. You are going to have to take some kind of sacrifice. Most people will not pay the price in order to get what they want & that’s why successful people are in the minority.

If you decide to pursue your dreams & find yourself on the road less traveled then desire is the only thing that will keep guiding you along. The reason that most people complain that they haven’t become successful was because they didn’t want it bad enough.


In order for you to receive anything out of the norm then you will need to believe. If you do not believe then you will not receive. The only way that you can get something that you don’t entirely believe is if your desire is strong enough. If your desire is strong, then your subconscious mind will keep bringing you back to your dreams & eventually you will be able to believe. It can be a battle to quiet that little voice in the back of your head that is constantly telling you negative things like you are undeserving of success. You will have to get rid of that guy before you are able to find success. The biggest obstacle that you will have to overcome is yourself (self mastery).


Have you ever heard stories about people trying different things without success in any of them until the last one? Well it wasn’t that they couldn’t find success before, it was only the fact that they finally stuck it out long enough to become successful.

What ever you are searching for remember to stick it out until you receive what you were looking for. If you want it bad enough & are willing to realign your thinking then you have to get it. You just have to.

True success comes from within & it is not to be found outside of your self. A mentor can only guide you along on your journey. You hold all the power.

Success is a choice. What’s holding you back?

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Rory Singh is a Business Development Coach and Professional Marketing Consultant. To learn how to Make More in One Month than Most Make in One Year visit:


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  • By Judy Mueni on May 28, 2008

    Your messages are very inspiring/motivating.

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    Good and useful information for career development

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    it’s really motivating.but lacks example ,but less time takin & saying a lot

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    Ur message about the success is quite encouraging and created a new power to make my dream real

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    success is very good thank you

  • Its very use full tips for Jobs seekers.

    Thanks to giving nice tips.

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    Greatly appreciated! It is in my fav. list.

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    It is nice to read and it will be very nice if one can understand and adopt it for the better career.

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