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Asp Interview Questions and Answers

What happens to ASP pages?
The browser makes a HTTP request; the server does the processing and gives a HTML response to the browser.

How can you change the primary scripting language for a page?

What is application Object?
Shares information among users of an application. Gives a notification when an application starts or ends.

What is the difference between client-side script and server-side script?
Scripts executed only by the browser without contacting the server is called client-side script. It is browser dependent. The scripting code is visible to the user and hence not secure. Scripts executed by the web server and processed by the server is called server-side script.

What is the command to display characters to the HTML page?

Explain the POST & GET Method or Explain the difference between them?
The POST method generates a FORM collection, which is sent as a HTTP request body. All the values typed in the form will be stored in the FORM collection.
The GET method sends information by appending it to the URL (with a question mark) and stored as A Querystring collection. The Querystring collection is passed to the server as name/value pair.
The length of the URL should be less than 255 characters.

How many global.asa files can an Application have?


Only one global.asa file and itís placed in the virtual directoryís root.

How many global.asa files can an Application have?
Only one global.asa file and itís placed in the virtual directoryís root.

What are Scripting Objects?
Objects that can enhance the application are known as the Scripting Objects.

What is the Order of precedence for LOGICAL Operators ?

What is an Err Object?
Name itís properties and methods.

What are LOCAL and GLOBAL variables?
Local variables lifetime ends when the Procedure ends. Global variables lifetime begins at the start of the script and ends at the end of the script and it can be used by any procedure within the script. Declaring a variable by using the keyword PRIVATE makes the variable global within the script, but if declared using PUBLIC, then all scripts can refer the variable.

Which is the default Scripting Language on the client side?

What is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)?
Itís a method by which web pages can be built and generally used for formatting and linking text.

What is a Web Server?
Itís a Computer that provides Web services on the Internet or on a local Intranet. It is designed to locate, address and send out simple HTML pages to all other users who access these pages.

What is Session Object?
It stores information about a Userís session. Gives a notification when a user session begins or ends

What is Server-Side includes?
It provides extra information by which it makes the site easier to manage. It can include text files using the #include statement, retrieve the size and last modification date of a file, defines how variables and error messages are displayed and inserts the values of HTTP variables in the page sent back to the browser.

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