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Asp Interview Questions and Answers

What are the advantages of using ASP?
Minimizes network traffic by limiting the need for the browser and server to talk to each other
Makes for quicker loading time since HTML pages are only downloaded
Allows to run programs in languages that are not supported by the browser
Can provide the client with data that does not reside on the client’s machine
Provides improved security measures since the script cannot be viewed by the browser

What are the methods in Application Object?
Lock prevents clients from modifying the variables stored in the Application object.
Unlock removes the lock from variables stored in the Application object.

What are the methods in Application Object?
Internet Information Server (IIS) on Windows NT
Personal Web Server (PWS) on Windows 95
Peer Web Services on Windows NT

What are the browsers that can access ASP pages?
Internet Explorer (supports VBScript, JavaScript)
Netscape Communicator/ Navigator (supports only JavaScript, VBScript can be also added too)

How does the server identify and execute the server-side scripts within HTML code?
Including the RUNAT=SERVER attribute

What are the methods by which output stream is controlled?
Flush sends previous buffered output to the client immediately, but continues processing the script.
Clear erases any already-buffered HTML.
End causes the server to stop processing the script.

What are the properties used to control the expiration of the page?
Expires specifies the number of minutes before a page cached on a browser expires.
ExpiresAbsolute sets the date and time at which a page cached on a browser expires.

What are the collections of Session Object?
Contents collection contains all the variables established for a session without using the tag.
Static collection contains all the objects created

What is the difference between ASP and HTML? Or Why ASP is better than HTML?
- ASP executes code on the server side whereas the browser interprets HTML.
- ASP can use any scripting languages
- Gets feedback from the user and return information to the user
- Create pages that will be customized to display only things that will be of interest to a particular user
- Can edit contents of a web page by updating a text file or a database rather than the HTML code itself

What are the event handlers of Application Object?
Application_OnStart- This event will be fired when the first visitor hits the page.
Application_OnEnd- This event runs when the server is stopped.

Name some of the ASP components?
Ad Rotator component- a way to manage advertisements on the web site.
Content Linker component - a technique to direct users through a set of pages on a web site by creating a list of URLs and description of the next and previous pages.
Browser Capabilities component - allows to customize the page to the ability of the browser viewing it.
Database Access component - allows to access data from the database

What are the tasks performed by < FORM > tags?
tags provides space for the user to input values
the form has a button to submit information back to the server
It transfers control to another ASP page
It carries the information in the fields to another ASP page

What are the tags necessary to be present within the <FORM > tag?
-----tag: Provides input spaces (text boxes, combo boxes, radio button, etc.) on a form called fields. It has three attributes TYPE, NAME and VALUE. TYPE provides the characteristics of the field and the NAME specifies a name to the field by which it can be referred.

What are the collections of Application Object?
* Contents collection - contains all variables added via scripts in global.asa.
* Static collection - contains the names of all objects.

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