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J2EE Interview Questions and Answers

What is JSP standard action ?
An action that is defined in the JSP specification and is always available to a JSP page.

What is JSP tag file ?
A source file containing a reusable fragment of JSP code that is translated into a tag handler when a JSP page is translated into a servlet.

What is JSP tag handler ?
A Java programming language object that implements the behavior of a custom tag.

What is JSP tag library ?
A collection of custom tags described via a tag library descriptor and Java classes.

What is JSTL ?
Abbreviate of JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library.

What is JTA ?
Abbreviate of Java Transaction API.

What is JTS ?
Abbreviate of Java Transaction Service.

What is keystore ?
A file containing the keys and certificates used for authentication

What is life cycle (J2EE component) ?
The framework events of a J2EE component's existence. Each type of component has defining events that mark its transition into states in which it has varying availability for use. For example, a servlet is created and has its init method called by its container before invocation of its service method by clients or other servlets that require its functionality. After the call of its init method, it has the data and readiness for its intended use. The servlet's destroy method is called by its container before the ending of its existence so that processing associated with winding up can be done and resources can be released. The init and destroy methods in this example are callback methods. Similar considerations apply to the life cycle of all J2EE component types: enterprise beans, Web components (servlets or JSP pages), applets, and application clients.

What is life cycle (JavaServer Faces) ?
A set of phases during which a request for a page is received, a UI component tree representing the page is processed, and a response is produced. During the phases of the life cycle: The local data of the components is updated with the values contained in the request parameters. Events generated by the components are processed. Validators and converters registered on the components are processed. The components' local data is updated to back-end objects. The response is rendered to the client while the component state of the response is saved on the server for future requests.

What is local subset ?
That part of the DTD that is defined within the current XML file.

What is managed bean creation facility ?
A mechanism for defining the characteristics of JavaBeans components used in a JavaServer Faces application.

What is message ?
In the Java Message Service, an asynchronous request, report, or event that is created, sent, and consumed by an enterprise application and not by a human. It contains vital information needed to coordinate enterprise applications, in the form of precisely formatted data that describes specific business actions.

What is message consumer ?
An object created by a JMS session that is used for receiving messages sent to a destination.

What is message-driven bean ?
An enterprise bean that is an asynchronous message consumer. A message-driven bean has no state for a specific client, but its instance variables can contain state across the handling of client messages, including an open database connection and an object reference to an EJB object. A client accesses a message-driven bean by sending messages to the destination for which the bean is a message listener.

What is message producer ?
An object created by a JMS session that is used for sending messages to a destination.

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