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J2SE Interview Questions and Answers

What is member ?
A field or method of a class. Unless specified otherwise, a member is not static.

What is method ?
A function defined in a class. See also instance method, class method. Unless specified otherwise, a method is not static.

What is multithreaded ?
Describes a program that is designed to have parts of its code execute concurrently. See also thread.

What is native ?
A Java keyword that is used in method declarations to specify that the method is not implemented in the same Java source file, but rather in another language.

What is new ?
A Java keyword used to create an instance of a class.

What is null ?
The null type has one value, the null reference, represented by the literal null, which is formed from ASCII characters. A null literal is always of the null type.

What is object ?
The principal building blocks of object-oriented programs. Each object is a programming unit consisting of data (instance variables) and functionality (instance methods). See also class.

What is object-oriented design ?
A software design method that models the characteristics of abstract or real objects using classes and objects.

What is octal What is object-oriented design ?
The numbering system using 8 as its base, using the numerals 0-7 as its digits. In programs written in the Java programming language, octal numbers must be preceded with 0. See also hexadecimal.

What is optional packages ?
The set or sets of APIs in a Java platform edition which are available with and may be supported in a compatible implementation. Over time, optional packages may become required in an edition as the marketplace requires them.

What is ORB ?
Object Request Broker. A library than enables CORBA objects to locate and communicate with one another.

What is OS principal ?
A principal native to the operating system on which the Java platform is executing.

What is OTS ?
Object Transaction Service. A definition of the interfaces that permit CORBA objects to participate in transactions.

What is overloading ?
Using one identifier to refer to multiple items in the same scope. In the Java programming language, you can overload methods but not variables or operators.

What is overriding ?
Providing a different implementation of a method in a subclass of the class that originally defined the method.

What is package ?
A group of types. Packages are declared with the package keyword.

What is peer ?
In networking, any functional unit in the same layer as another entity.

What is persistence ?
The protocol for transferring the state of a bean between its instance variables and an underlying database.

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