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Microsoft SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

In replication, what is each set of the source data that is replicated from the source server called?
Each set of source data that is replicated is called an article.

In SSIS, what is the difference between output columns and external columns?
External columns represent the meta data of external data sources and output columns are used be data flow source adapters.
Output columns are used by all data-flow source adapters and transformations. They are not used by destination adapters. Put simply, they represent the metadata of the data flowing out of the component. External columns represent the metadata of external data sources and destinations. As such, only source & destination adapters have external columns because these are the only components whose buffered pipeline data interacts with these external sources and destinations.

You want to be sure your database server if properly secured. You have two instances, a default instance and a named instance installed. Which ports do you need to open?
1433 and a specific port after configuring the named instance to use that specific port
Named instances must be configured to use a specific port and that port then opened in the firewall.

You have a relatively new SQL Server 2005 and msdb is corrupt. How can you fix this database without a restore? (data loss is acceptable)
Stop the server and restart it with a trace flag to allow system databases to be detached. Then copy a new version from the /INSTALL folder.
By starting SQL Server with trace flag 3608 you can detach the msdb database. You can copy a new initial version from the installation CD.

In SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, if you want to import a flat file very quickly that contains only integer data, what type of parsing should you use?
Fast Parse
The fast parse mode that is set on columns for a flat file source connection can import a limited set of data types extremely quickly.

In a new default SQL Server 2005 installation, what is the status of the dedicated administrator connection?
Enabled for local connections only.
The dedicated adminstrator connection is enabled for local connections only by default.

In the REPEATABLE READ isolation level, what phenomena is still possible?
Phantom rows
The answer is Phantoms rows. A phantom row refers to the situation where you execute a DML statement that retrieves data, and another process may add new rows the result set. For example:
We return the following rows:

You are guaranteed to get back at least these rows, and no other user may delete these rows (the rows are locked with a shared lock) This is what is referred to as a repeatable read. However, a user might add another row:

To prevent phantoms, use the SERIALIZABLE isolation level.

You are designing a new server that will hold 2 instances of SQL Server 2005 in a consolidation project. One of the existing servers has 4GB of RAM and the other has 2GB. You do not want either instance to feel memory pressure, so you specify a new server with 8GB of RAM. What else should you configure on these instances?
Min and Max memory for each instance
If you are designing multiple instances, you will want to specify the amount of RAM that each has access to. If you do not do this, performance can vary dramatically as the servers compete for memory.

You have specified that a SQL Server 2005 login must respect the password policy on a Windows XP host. Which of the following are valid passwords for the user Kendall?
All of the above are valid
On a Windows XP host, the password policy is not enforced because the appropriate API call is not available on the operating system.

A certificate is which type of security mechanism?
Asymmetric Key
A certificate is an asymmetric key that provides encryption in addition to authentication of an entity.

Which of the following services is instance-aware?
Analysis Services
Of these, only Analysis services is instance-aware.

What What does the term ACID refer to?
An acronym that describes concurrency support in a database
The answer is an acronym that describes concurrency support in a database. ACID is an acronym for the following four terms: * Atomicity - Every operation within a transaction is treated as a singular operation; either all of its data modifications are performed, or none of them is performed.
* Consistency - Once the transaction is completed, the system must be left in a consistent state.
* Isolation - It means that the operations within a transaction must be suitably isolated from other transactions. In other words, no other transactions should see data in the intermediate state, within the transaction, until it is finalized. This is done by using locks.
* Durability - Once a transaction is competed, all changes must be persisted as requested. The modifications should persist in total even in the event of a system failure.

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