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Microsoft SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers

Using Report Builder, which of the following is the best statement about the formatting options for Boolean columns?
Booleans are formatted as True/False and there are no other built in options, but you could build an expression using IIF that would let you do other formatting
From the format dialog there are no extra formatting options for Booleans, Report Builder renders them as True/False. Writing an expression that you add to the model view is the easiest way to work around this limitation.

What is the easiest way to capture the SQL statement for a Report Builder report you're troubleshooting?
Run Profiler
Profiler will work as long as you have permissions to profile the server and is the the best solution because it requires no change to the Report Server itself. There is a way to log all report SQL to a log file, but that option was not listed here and is better used if you want to do analysis rather than troubleshooting.

Clicking File, Save in Report Builder does which of the following?
Saves the report to the report server
File|Save writes the report to the Report Server. Users have the option to also save the report to disk by using File|Save to File. Report Builder users cannot modify the model.

Which of the following choices show the three report formats supported by Report Builder ?
Table, Matrix, Chart
Report Builder can build a report formatted as a table, chart, or matrix (cross tab), but only ONE can be used in any given report.

Using Report Builder, which of the following statements is correct about formatting numbers?
Users can pick from a small number of predefined formats and they have the option to specify a custom format
There are give built in formats; general, currency, percentage, two place decimal, and exponent. Users can also define a custom format using a .Net format string.

True or false, Report Builder supports using the LIKE function inside filters?
There is no LIKE support, the next best thing is the CONTAINS function which works as if you specified both a leading and trailing wild card.

Which RAID levels store parity information?
Only RAID 5 (of those listed) contains parity information.

You have a large table that you wish to partition to improve performance. The table contains many columns of data about customers and you decide that basic information about each customer will remain in the current table. Extended information, such as shipping instructions, secretaries' names, etc. will be moved to a new table along with the PK. What type of partitioning is this?
Vertical partitioning
If you are moving some columns from one table to a new table, this is vertical partitioning.

On which platforms can you use Instant File Initialization to improve database growth performance in SQL Server 2005?
Windows 2003 and XP Pro
Both Windows 2003 Server and later as well as Windows XP Professional support Instant File Initialization.

You have created a database snapshot on SQL Server 2005 for the sales database to capture the end-of-month activity. The next day your server fails and you need to recover to a standby server using the previous night's backups. How do you recover the snapshot?
There is nothing you can do. The snapshot is lost.
Database snapshots cannot be backed up, so once the server failed, the database snapshot was lost.

Using Reporting Services 2005, it is true or false that subreports execute a query against the datasource once for every detail row in the report?
True. Subreports can be used for a master-detail relationship, or the subreport can be a separate item, but in either case RS will query to get the data for the report once for each detail row. If end users are going to only occasionally look at the data you're displaying in the subreport or only view it for a few rows, a better option is to create a link to the other report.

You have noticed in both your SQL Server 2000 and 2005 instances that when a database grows in SQL Server, there is a delay in the database response. Why is that?
Once the file is grown, zeros are written to the new space, causing a delay.
When a database file grows, unless instant file initialization is turned on, the server must allocate disk space and then write 0s into all that space. This zero-ing out of the file creates the delay.

Which utility is used to administer SQL Server 2005 Notification Services instances?
The nscontrol application can be used with various parameters to administer a SQL Server 2005 Notification Services instance.

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