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Networking Interview Questions and Answers

What is meant by Asymmetrical protocols?
There is a many-to-one relationship between clients and server. Clients always initiate the dialog by requesting a service. Servers are passively awaiting for requests from clients.

What are the types of Transparencies?
The types of transparencies the NOS middleware is expected to provide are:-
Location transparency
Namespace transparency
Logon transparency
Replication transparency
Local/Remote access transparency
Distributed time transparency
Failure transparency and
Administration transparency.

What is the difference between trigger and rule?
The triggers are called implicitly by database generated events, while stored procedures are called explicitly by client applications.

What are called Transactions?
The grouped SQL statements are called Transactions (or) A transaction is a collection of actions embossed with ACID properties.

What are the building blocks of Client/Server?
The client
The server and

Explain the building blocks of Client/Server?
The client side building block runs the client side of the application.
The server side building block runs the server side of the application.

The middleware building block runs on both the client and server sides of an application. It is broken into three categories:-


Transport stack
Network OS
Service-specific middleware.

What are all the Base services provided by the OS?
Task preemption
Task priority
Inter-process communications (IPC)
Local/Remote Inter-process communication
Intertask protection
High performance file system
Efficient memory management and
Dynamically linked Run-time extensions.

What are the roles of SQL?
SQL is an interactive query language for ad hoc database queries.
SQL is a database programming language.
SQL is a data definition and data administration language.
SQL is the language of networked database servers
SQL helps protect the data in a multi-user networked environment.
Because of these multifaceted roles it plays, physicists might call SQL as "The grand unified theory of database".

What are the characteristics of Client/Server?
Shared resources
Asymmetrical protocols
Transparency of location
Message based exchanges
Encapsulation of services
Client/Server computing is the ultimate "Open platform". It gives the freedom to mix-and-match components of almost any level. Clients and servers are loosely coupled systems that interact through a message-passing mechanism. 

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