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PeopleSoft Interview Questions and Answers

People Soft allows multiple long fields per State Record?

AE does Parse SQL?

A PeopleCode program is automatically saved to a file while you’re working on it. This checkpoint will NOT occur at which the following times:?
Every 5 Mins

We define business rules PeopleCode on?
event definition

Which of the following record is not found in database?
Derived work record

What is the logic used by Component Buffer?
Depth First Algorithm

Two Program views of AE Program?
Definition, Program flow

You have 3 App. Servers where do you define the Failover.?
Configuration Properties

Query is split into what?
Component and Query view

Menu path provides path to?

When Auto-join check box is checked what does it mean?
Common key fields

What effect would making a change to the EMPLID field in the above project have?
Changes would occur globally; meaning the field is changed everywhere else in the database.

An employee is transferred where should he refer in this aspection?
Business Process

What are destructive statements in SQL?
b) Recreate a Table
d) Recreate a View

A clients App was 3months behind, what should he do to update the app since it was not working?
b) Apply all Service packs

In Two Tier mode where does authentication happens?
Application Server

Worklist for a particular user contains marked worked and reassigned buttons. The reassigned button is set from?
appdesigner -> worklist definition

ps application logic reside where?
app server

Where do peopletools data is cached?
app server

My Asst. Manager approves some document; She uses some screens which presents her with all the data. What she do to minimize the data?
Advance search

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