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PeopleSoft Interview Questions and Answers

You need not create separate DB for every user in PPSFT 8.4 onwards. This is possible because of?
Access ID

File formats for File Layout?
c) fixed length

Prompt table with no edit to no edit?
a) user can enter values from prompt table
b) user can enter values from prompt table and default value will be populated

Meta-SQL where is it stored?
a) Temp Table
b) SQL Table
c) Query Table
d) Dynamic(Guess: Temp Table, check People books App Engine)

What are all stored in System Catalog?
a) SQL table
b) SQL View

Process Profile contains?
a) Sequence of processes
b) Sequence of jobs
c) batch processes

File format for SQR?
a) PDF
d) txt

People Soft clients wants to get info about PSPT where to find it?
a) Partner Alliance
b) Partner Connection
c) People Soft Connect
d) Portal connect
e) PSU (check)

Which of the following are object definitions?
a) Mobile Page
b) File Layout
c) App Engine

How do you define the names of the application servers being used to access PeopleSoft?
a) In Configuration Manager, under the Application Servers tab.

ER Diagrams represent?
a) Graphical Representation of Business process and Relationsb) Flowchart of tables and Fields

Tuning can be done on which servers?
a) Database Server
b) App Server
c) Batch Server
e) Web Server

When do u view Business process map?
a) Change in mapping of data

A System Manager must approve all the transactions what is this?
a) Business Event
b) A Rule
c) A Role
d) Activity

The field mapping button on worklist definition is used for for mapping the fields of worklist record that can be visible on worklist message. We can assign the following type of values to it?
A role name

Question Maximum number of Actions in a Step?

PSWORKLIST record is used for workflow routing . It should contains minimum of ?
6 keys in Ascending orders

SQL Queries on PS_STAFF table?
3 Questions on this table with different queries and results

Let us take a Temp Table TMP_TAO.
In People Tools options the following instance settings are done
Temp Table Instances (Total) : 5
Temp Table Instances (Online): 4
In AE1 App Engine Program the instance count to TMP_TAO is 3
In AE2 App Engine Program the instance count to TMP_TAO is 5.
How many instances are created to TMP_TAO ?


PeopleCode variables (global, component, local, and parameter), method, and property names can now be up to _______ characters long?

PeopleSoft reserves ALL WinHelp context numbers (in Utilities, PeopleTools Options) up to which number?

File format u can download query result?
1. XLS 2. CSV

Which one of the following tree types is NOT supported in the PeopleSoft tree manager?
1. Query trees
2. Combination trees

Where is Unicode used?
2) Oracle
3) SQL Server

What is the minimum number of objects an object group can consist of?
1 19.

Use of process profile?
(scenario based on process profile / process group)Server o/p path override , process he can access

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