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Here are some ways to say how often you do something.

often / frequently
usually / generally
sometimes / occasionally
hardly ever / rarely

For example, "I always drink coffee in the morning" means I drink coffee every morning.

Be careful of the pronunciation of "rarely". The "are" part of the word is spoken like the word air. The word has two syllables - 'rare' and 'ly'.

Putting these expressions into a sentence

These words go before the main verb.

"She often goes to the beach in summer."

They go after the verb 'to be'.

"He is occasionally late for meetings."

They go after 'modal' or 'auxiliary' verbs.

"It can sometimes get cold in the UK."

"I have never been to the USA."

'From time to time' is an expression that means the same as 'sometimes'. It normally goes at the end of a sentence.

For example, "I go to restaurants from time to time."

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