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Grammar and Tenses

Direct and Indirect Questions
Prepositions and Adjectives
How to use Gerunds
Linking Words

Communication Skills
Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Presentation Skills
Body Language




Grammar and Tenses

Make and let
English relative clauses

How to make comparisons in English
Some and Any
Using Few / Little in English

Using Lots of
Linking words
Like and As
"If" sentences

How to use Passives in English
Prepositions and adjectives
Prepositions of time
English Prepositions and Verbs

Direct and Indirect Questions in English
Question Tags
Reported Speech
Using Wish

How to choose your English tenses
Present tenses in English
Past tenses in English
How to use the present perfect tenses in English

Using "had done" in English
Using future forms
Using the imperative form
How to use "used to" in English

How to use gerunds
Changing the mood of a sentence (modals)

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