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Aalayance Placement Papers 

write the program/algorithm or pseudo code to do
following operation given matrix
Input Matrix
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
Output Matrix
9 8 7
6 5 4
3 2 1
the algo or program should be able to do this.

Hotel owner to teacher: u know that mohan came here with 3 girl friends. if multiply their ages the result will be 2450. and the sum of their ages is equal to u'r age. the eldest girl is elder than mohan can u tell me mohan age.

One more quetion answer approach is 2+3+.....127

One more quetion about 4 ships do it well ther are 7 conditions and 7th condition will not be
satisfied.dont go for that consider the first 6 conditions

Interview questions:

differecne b/w c and c++.

polymorphism, decalring functions in structures, virtual base class.

If it is HTML

A: I'am a doctor B is a barber and C is the taxi driver.
B: I'am an employee of water works dept, A is the taxi driver and
C is the doctor.
C: I'am a lawyer A is a taxi driver and B is the doctor.Who is the thief?

In one country they prefer only boys to have. If it is a girl in the
first birth then there must be the other child to have,
if it is also a girl then they will go for the next birth and stops when
they got the boy. Then what is the proportion of
girl to boys in that country?
Ans: (n+1)/2:1

While three friends Abe, Bob, Cort in a restaurant taking their snacks one lady came and she asked them how many
children you have. One of them replied "By looking at the total number of children we have you can uniquely identify
the no of children I'am having" but she failed to guess then he made the following statements Abe is having atleast one
girl and twice as many boys as girls. Bob is having atleast one girl and thice as many boys as girls. Cort is having
three more than boys that he have girls The no of children they have is less than 25.Who has replied to that lady and
how many children he have. How many total no of children they have? Ans: Abe, and is having 3children (1G+2B),
total is 12

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