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5. I. All G's are H's
II. All G's are J's or K's
III All J's and K's are G's
IV All L's are K's
V All N's are M's
VI No M's are G's

Q1. If no P's are K's which of the following must be true

(A) No P is a G
(B) No P is an H
(C) If any P is an H it is a G
(D) If any P is a G it is a J

Ans. D

2. Which of the following can be logically deduced from the stated conditions

(A) No M's are H's
(B) No H's are M's
(C) Some M's are H's
(D) No N's are G's

Ans. D

3. Which of the following is inconsistent with one or more conditions

(A) All H's are G's
(B) All H's are M's
(C) Some H's are both M's and G's
(D) No M's are H's

Ans. C

4. The statement "No L's are J's" is

I. Logically deducible from the conditions stated
II Consistent with but not deducible from the conditions stated
III. Deducible from the stated conditions together with the additional statements "No J's are K's"

(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) III only
(D) II and III only

Ans. D


1. What is meant by polymorphism

Ans. Redfinition of a base class method in a derived class

2. What is the essential feature of inheritance

Ans. All properties of existing class are derived.

3. What does the protocol FTP do

Ans. Transfer a file b/w stations with user authentification

4. In the transport layer ,TCP is what type of protocol

Ans. Connection oriented.

5. Why is a gateway used

Ans. To connect incompatible networks.

6. How is linked list implemented

Ans. By referential structures.

7. What method is used in Win95 in multitasking?

Ans. Non preemptive check.

8. What is meant by functional dependency?

9. What is a semaphore?

Ans. A method synchronization of multiple processes

10. What is the precedence order from high to low ,of the symbols ( ) ++ /

Ans.( ) , ++, /

11. Preorder of A*(B+C)/D-G


12. B-tree (failure nodes at same level)

13. Dense index (index record appers for every search -key in file)

14. What is the efficiency of merge sort

Ans. O(n log n)

15. A program on swaping ( 10,5 )was given

16. In which layer are routers used

17. Ans.In network layer

18. In which layer are packets formed ( in network layer )

19. heap ( priority queue )

20. Copy constructor ( constant reference )

21. 26.Which of the following sorting algorithem has average sorting behavior --
Bubble sort,merge sort,heap sort,exchange sort

Ans. Heap sort

22. In binary search tree which traversal is used for getting ascending order values--Inorder ,post order,preorder


23. What are device drivers used for

Ans.To provide software for enabling the hardware

24. Irrevalent to unix command ( getty)

25. What is fork command in unix

Ans. System call used to create process

26. What is make command in unix

Ans. Used forcreation of more than one file

27. In unix .profile contains

Ans. Start up program

28. In unix echo is used for ( answer C)

29. In unix 'ls 'stores contents in

Ans.inode block

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