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9) A farmer owns a square land of 15m each side with a pole in one of the corner to which he tied his cow with a rope of length 10m. Find area to the cow to grass ( pi=3)
A) 150 SQ.M B) 125 C) 75 D) DATA MISSING
10) Avg of x & y is 12 if z is 9 what is the avg of x, y, z

A)11b)6.5 c)5 d) data missing

11) In a certain shop note books that normally sold for 59 cents each are on sale at 2 for 99 cents. How much can be saved by purchasing 10 of this note books at the sale place
A)$0.85 B)$1 C)$0.95 D)$1.15

12)The sides of a right angle triangular flied containing the right angle are x and x+10( in metres) its area is 5500 sq.m the eqution to x is
A)X*(X+10)=5500 B) X*(X+10)=2750 C) X*(X+10)=11000 D)X*(X+20)=5500
13)THE LENGTH AND BREATH of rectangle plot in ratio 7:5 if l reduced by 5m and b increased by 2m then area increased by 65 sqm l & b of rectangle plot are
A) 25.,35 B)21,15 C)35,25 D)49,35
14)If the metallic sphere of radii 8cm 6cm 10 cm are melted to form a single sphere then the radius of the sphere is
12.5 12 11 14
15)The following is a data interpretation problem it is a table with a population in diff countries in 1985 there are 3 quest
ans are 1.A) UK
2.C) 1044000
3.B) INC OF 84900
16)graph problem on production of 30mm screws contains 3 quest
ans 1.D)17.5%
3.C) Rs.2137.50
17) Diagrammatic series contains 6 questions
Ans1. D
19)this is logical reasoning there are 6 questions for nuclear and fossil fuel…….
Ans: 1.B 2.A 3.A
ANS 1.C 2.B(check) 3.C

1. a man works. He has to maintain 100 cups. He gets 30 ps for every cup he safeguards and has 10 pay 90 ps for every cup he breaks.if he earns rs.24 per day, how many did he break?

2. 32 people playing table tennis. how many matches to determine the winner.

3. A cube 3”* 3”* 3” is painted green it is cut into 1”* 1”* 1” how many cubes were painted on atleast on one side

4. If x and x+10 are lengths containing right angle, what is the equation if area is 24

5. Length and breadth of a rectangle are in ratio 7:5. If length is reduced by 5 and breadth by 2, area reduces by 65. Find length and breadth.

6. Denominator is 4 greater than numerator if 10 is added to Denominator,the fraction becomes 1/8.what is the fraction

7. A and b can do a piece of work in 15 and 10 days. A and b work on it for sometime and then a leaves b completes the job in 5 days. For how long did a work.

8. In a company 241 apply for posts .of them 40 know neither c nor c++.180 know c; 186 knows c++. how many people know only c.

9. A farmer has a farm square of 100 sq.m a cow is tied at one and with a rope of 10m length.assume pi-3.what is the area of land the cow can graze.

10. The average of x and y is 6.5. if z=4,what is the average of x,y,z.

11. If the bus travels with 8 tyres(6 tyres running),travels a distance of 16000 km how much is the distance sustained by each tyre.ans 120000

12. In a box there are four different coloured bells,of some quantity (4 each ) what is the minimum number of pick ups so that, atleast 2 of them of the same colour.

13. A company manufactures x refrigerators cp.(9000+500x0 sp=500x; what must be the value of x so that atlas the amount gained After selling is equal to the amount spent on production

14. A dealer sells 3 sets at Rs.2400 each ,one at 20% gain and the other at 20% loss. what is the overall gain or loss

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