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Dsq Placement Paper

21. What's the output of the following program
int z=3;
printf("%d %d ",z,main());
a)prints a value 3 b)prints junk value c)error message d)infinite loop

22) main()
int i=3,j=5;
while (i--,J--)
printf("%d %d".i,j);
The loop will be executed
a)3 times b)5times c)8times d)infinite times

23) main()
int i=3,j=5
printf("%d %d ",i,j);
The output of the program for (i,J)is
a)3,5 b)3,4 c)2,4 d)2,5

24) main()
int i=3
printf ("%d %d %d ",++i,i-,i+=5);
The the out put of the program is
a)8,8,8 b)4,3,8 c)3,2,7 d)4,4,9

25) main()
int times =5;
int i=3;
int j=4;
int k=34;
while(times --)
printf("%d %d %d " ,i,j,k)
THe output of the praogram is (i,j,k)
a)19,9,35 b)38,42,80 c)43,47,85 d)15,14,41
26) main()
int num =32765;
while (num++);
printf(" %d ",num)
what"s the out put ofthe program
a)prints all the number above 32765 including the number 32765
b)prints all the number above 32765 excluding the number 32765

27) main()
float k=3.4156
printf("%f %f ",float(k),c(k))
The output of the program
a) 3.4156 ,3.4156 b)4,5 c)3,4 d)3.45 3.40

28) main()
int bounce =4;
printf ("total number of bounce =%d",bounce ++);
The out put of the program is
ans=D (stoP)

29) main()
int number =25;
char name ='A'
printf("The addition of the name and the number is %o "name +_number)
the output of the program is
a)compiler error
b)run time error
ans= A

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