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Dsq Placement Paper

31) ODBC means
ans= open data base connectivity
32) ASCII stands for
ans= american standard for information interchange
34) flops stands for
ans)floating point operation per second
35) by superconductivity
36) PERT stands for
Program evalution and review techniq
37) IMS is a
ans) data base system
38) HTML is a
ans) Hyper text markup language
39) The default backend of visual basic is
40) Client server is based on
ans) distribution processing

44) computer viruses can spread from one system to anther by means of
a) infected disks b)links to a network
c)downloaded program from a bulletin boardd)all of the program
45) A front end processor is usually used in
ans=multi processing.
46) A radio active material of mass 16gms loses in 10 years due to
radiation.How many more years will take for the material to attain a
mass of of 1gm ?
ans=80 years
47) A block of ice floats on water in a beaker as the melts the water
level n the beaker will remain the same
ans=Remains same.
48) if va,vn,vs are velocities of sound in a air ,water ,and steel then
49) in usual computer arthimetic the value of the integer expression
ans= 8.
50) an operting system is a
a)file manager b)memory manager
c)i/o manager d)all of the above

1.How many liters of water must be added to 30 liters of alcohol to make a
solution thatis 25%
2.How much is 3/7 larger than 20 percent of 2
ans;1/35,then which of the following cannot be a value of y
4.a number of subsets of a set s is 128, then s has
5. xsqrt(0.09)=3 , then x equals
6.perimeter of rectangle is s and the other sideis x, then the other side
7.solution of system of equations y-z=0,x+8y=4,3x+4y=7z is

15. f(x,y) =x**2 -y**2 then the value of f(4,(f(1,2) is
ans =7.
16. if the radius of the circle is incresed by 6% then its area incresed
17. the average of seven numbers is 2.5 then their product
18. the minimum of (2x+1)**2 + (x+2) is at x =
ans = (-4/5)
19. the probability of getting at least in a single through of three
coins is
20. atrain covers the distance D beteween two cities in hhours arriving
2 hours late.what rate would permit to train to arrive on schdule?
ans= (D/H-2)
21. in a single throw of dice ,the chance of throwing a total of 3 is
ans) 1/216.
22. a triangle of sides 3,4,5 then its----is
23. Which of the following is next smaller invalue than--- one half
24. if f(x)=1/x then f(f(f(x))) equals
25. if f(x)=1/x**2 , then f(f(f(x)))
26.if 8x+4y=6 and 4x+5y=7, x+y equl\als
27. find the next number in the series 1,2,5,10,17,26
28,.sqrt(0.16)+cubic root(0.027) equals
29.if a,b>0 and a+b=2 then the max value of ab is

30. p and q are positiveintegers with their average 5, find how many
different values can p take
31. if 0<x<1 which of the following is the largest
33. If x,y,z are three consecutive natural numbers, which of the following
numbers should be x+y+z
34. two persons run a race of 100m. the winner won by (110/11)m and one
second in time. find the speed of lsoer in met
35. in a group of 15,7 can speak spanish, 8 can speak french and 3 can
speak neither,. how much of the group can speak both french and spanish
36. which of the following intefgers is the square of an integer for every integer
37. which of the following has the largest numberical value
38. ifn is odd which of the following statements is true
ans: 3n+1 is even
39. which of the following is the prime

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