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Global Edge Placement Paper

1. main()
{ int i;

a)2 b)3 c)Compiler error d)Syntax error.

ans : 3

2. main(){
char str[]="GESL";
printf("%d %d",sizeof(str),strlen(str));

a)5,5 b)4,4 c)5,4 d)4,5
ans: 5, 4

3. main(){ for(i=0;i++;i<100) printf("hello world\n"); }

a)100 times b)0 times c)Infinite loop d)None of the above.

ans: 0 times.

4. main(){ for(i=1;i++;i<100) printf("hello world\n"); }

a)100 times b)0 times c)Infinite loop d)None of the above.

ans: infinite loop

5. main(){ char c; scanf("%s",c); }

a)Compiler dependent b)unpredictable c)Compiler error d) scans the i/p.

ans: Compiler dependent.

6. main(){
int k=5;
for(++k<5 && k++/5 || ++k<8);

a)5 b)6 c)7 d)8

ans: 7

7. main(){
int *ptr1,*ptr2;
ptr1=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int));
printf("%d %d\n",*ptr1,*ptr2);

int *func(int a, int b, int *c)
int x=a+b;

a)Bug in the code. b)No Bugs prints correctly c)Error d) None of the above.

Ans: Bug in the code.

8). int main() {
int i = 10, j ;
if ( ( j = ~i ) < i )
printf ( "True" ) ;
printf ( "False" ) ;

a) True b) False c) Compiler Dependent d) None of the above.

ans : True

9. How many bytes are required to create a 3*3 matrix using double pointer
ans: 12

10. take int=4,float=8,char=1
main() {
FILE *fp;
printf("%d\n",sizeof(fp) );

a)2 b)4 c)Compiler dependent d)Error


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