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Resume Writing tips for fresh graduates

Writing a resume for the first time is quite difficult especially for newly graduates. The pressure of creating a good resume is very high because everyone wants to be in the position that they applied. Nowadays, because of high turn around of graduates compared to the available jobs to be filled in, it is not easy for fresh graduates to find work at once. Pressure is even heavy because some companies are quite hesitant to accept applicants without work experiences. Further more, there are some companies who had preferences to applicants that come from well-known colleges or universities. However, majority of newly graduates do not really have any work backgrounds because there are some courses that offer internship as optional requirement and many others totally exclude internship in its curriculum.

For these reasons, applying for an internship or on-the-job training during college breaks is quite valuable and will help you in creating a comprehensive resume right after graduation. Graduates may also opt to find short-term internship right after graduating if they want to have some edge over their fellow graduates. These job trainings are often considered as valid work experiences.

But for those graduates who do not have a chance to work during their college days, creating a good and impressive resume is the key to grab the employer's attention along with the remarkable grades and scholastic achievements earned during school days.

Begin your resume by creating your career objective. When writing an objective, avoid bland or general description of your profession or skills. It must be based to the actual description of your skills related on the job you are applying for. Thus, you should prepare distinct objective to every position you wish to apply.

It is not uncommon for first time applicants to include too many details on the Personal Information section of their resume. Personal information like your hobbies and interest are usually irrelevant in job applications. If the interviewer wants to know more about you personally, it will be asked during your interview.

Another noticeable section in newly graduates' resume is their long list of reference. Reference must not be listed on the resume. Prepare them separately on another page and should only be presented when requested by the interviewer.

Functional Resume is the usual recommended resume format for newly graduates because this format focused on the appropriate talent or skills of the applicant. Length of resume depends on the list of achievements and work experiences but for newly graduates, a two-page resume is recommended. Be certain that all significant skills or experience related to the job you are applying are all included. Make sure that your resume is free of error. Be conscious about the punctuations, spelling and grammar. Keep your sentences short and simple. Ask somebody to proof read your resume for any error that might escape you visually.

Lastly, remember that a resume is a professional document. It is the passport to your job. Print them using black ink in plain and good quality paper. Put your name centered at the top and never present your resume in plastic slide folder.

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