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Communication Skills in Business

Listen and Learn


Communication skills are an absolute must for any business. It is not only necessary for senior executives but also essential for middle level and lower level management executives.

A senior level executive has to communicate with investors and managers. At the lower levels one has to communicate effectively with their peers.

For selling any product or services good communication skills are a must. It is not the most intelligent and capable people who succeed in business. People who can communicate and make good impression are the one's to succeed.

Good communication skills are not just considered an additional weapon in your armory, but they are absolutely essential to succeed.

To negotiate any deal, to meet the suppliers and get the best terms and conditions or to meet your own teams to generate ideas for the next quarter, good communication skills come in very handy.

In business people generally have a quite a few issues to sort out with their clients, government agencies and suppliers etc. Good communication skills are required to resolve any of these issues successfully.

If your communication skills are inadequate it would be hinder your ability to resolve these issues successfully. Communication skills require listening capabilities. So is the ability to speak skillfully is not very easy. Particularly talking to an angry set of people or frustrated people could be far more difficult.

Communication skills have to be developed and honed over a period of time. Even though most people in business think that they are good communicators, this does not have to be necessarily true.

You have to identify the defects in your communication skills and modify it, while retaining the good parts.

If you are a good communicator people will listen to you and engage you in a dialog. It means that you will be confident of facing any situation.

by B.N. Sridhar

The author has a master's degree in science blogs at

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