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Maximize Communication in the Office

Listen and Learn


Do you really think all people are alike? We are different genetically, physically, and educationally. Have you ever been fired and not known why? Communication comes from both people or not? Are you speaking another language? What do you expect from me? In fact, if we don't listen to each other we assume people understand everything we said. It's more than mere words. It's the sound of the voice, the swiftness or slowness. The ability to share small amounts of information at a time. Do we need to give only large amounts of information to get out point across? Are we wondering whats the motivation is for asking such a question? A two way conversation is more productive. It is the quickest and most effective way of communicating.

There are many ways to interpret others behaviors. Your behavior is affected by the situation. This development has been years in the making. No persons style is better than others. Yet, if you understand your motivation, strengths and weakness of those around you, then you can better communicate with them.

To do this you must understand your own traits, weakness, strengths as well. Don't be conflicted, confused by the interaction of others. This exercise is only to learn about ourselves. How we depict and value ourselves, think and process information. We are beginning to understand why we are not on the same road intellectually, verbally as someone else. They have entirely different values and thinking process then us.

1. Better communication and relationships through understanding people.

2. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Understand the people the way you want to be understood.

3. Build rapport.

4. Three ways of integrating information look, listen and see.

5. Learn how to tap into resources, knowledge through creative ideas in your office? Staff may not be comfortable speaking out. Find a positive suggestion mode.

6. Behavior styles and how to maximize its strengths and minimize its weakness in the office.

7. How systems and structure save time and money.

8. Improve productivity through actions, how to make decisions.

9. Have others learn positive behaviors, which help flow of communication.

10. Emanate self confidence! Show by your action on how decisions are made, problems solved, and communication. You personally obtain success with powerful communication.

Do you like or need a mixture of personality styles in your work place? Would your office be the same productive office if you didn't have a mixture of management styles or personalities? How can you best start positive communication? How can we remove negative force in the workplace? Encourage education with your employees. Reward employees cost so little and the rewards are so great.

Each department needs a reward system whether it is a plaque, picture of the wall of honor for all to see. You will see an improvement in so many areas.If you want to add a monetary reward with that, all the better. Monetary compensation for sending an employee to your company. These are not new ideas, they have been used successfully in many companies so why not yours?

by Bonnie Eckert

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