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Persuasion - 3 Powerful Secrets of Communication

Listen and Learn


Do you want to be more persuasive? Well persuasion is highly effective communication and in this article I want to share some tips to get you started at better communication skills.

Considering what I do for a living many people asking me how I got into doing what it is that I do. I also get even more people curious as to how they too can learn to be more persuasive. I have studies various skills and applied them and through many years of experience I found some of most powerful secrets to communication.

At the end of the day we are all in the business of communication.

We are all communicators. We speak with words in various languages and sometimes the right words can make all the difference. We also communicate through actions and our body language can often help or hinder our message. We interact and the person or persons get a certain impression about us.

First impressions are very important and powerful and it is much better to make a very good first impression than to have to work twice as hard just to win back a neutral opinion.

So here are three powerful elements to better communication skills to help get you started and if you want more information you can contact me at my site or call my telephone number.

Strive for these three powerful states or skills and you will greatly improve your life at work and play and in both business and pleasure.

* 1. Zen like calm : Be more Balanced, Centered and Flexible.

Being able to appreciate and feel grateful for what you have and are experiencing while still able to seize on opportunities that you notice. You will notice more opportunities and will be in a much better place to take advantage of your opportunities and this could be a good definition for LUCK. You will be prepared for what happens and will be able to be pro active and MAKE things happen.

In up coming articles I will go into more specifics from various walks of life yet for now I will just share this quick example to give you an idea of what I mean.

You wake up and you are calm and centered enough to make wise decisions using both your mind and heart and feelings. You are pro active and not reactive or at the mercy of your emotions. You are able to use both logic and emotions and take the best action possible for the circumstances you find yourself in at the moment. You move through your day with this sense of being able to get back to center when and if anything rattles you or knocks you off balance. We are living creatures and life is constantly in flow so we need to be able to ride those waves and adapt and be flexible.

For instance let us say that your boss barks an order at you and your first response may be to yell back yet this is not the wisest move and you know it.

It may feel good at the moment and relieve the immediate stress yet it really just adds even more stress into your life.

So instead, you take a deep breath and calm yourself and tap into your conscious and logical mind and your subconscious minds to get the best possible action. You find the best reply and take the steps to get the job done. ( more and more I hear from clients how their bosses expect the impossible from them. I share ways to better manage their stress and help it to motivate them to do their best so they can be more healthy and successful )

* 2. Become Positively Magnetic: Become someone that people like to be around. When people like you they tend to treat you better, whether at work or play.

So it could be in a business or social setting and either way you will flourish and draw the right kinds of people and opportunities your way.

This goes with the proper attitude. Expect the best and be prepared. Do your best and BE your BEST SELF.

* 3. Persuasion and Influence: Lead by tapping into your Subconscious mind and they will follow.

The worst way to persuade is to bully or beg. Neither is very pleasant or effective and certainly not elegant or powerful.

I prefer to have people feel that it is their idea to do what I ask them to do. By presenting something in a way that feels good to them and getting them to feel good by doing this for you they feel good.

This is the most subtle yet powerful tip and takes the most time and effort to learn. However, the best way to get things done is to get yourself motivated and be able to motivate others to want to do things instead of forcing or scaring them into doing things.

To summarize, when you find yourself more easily regaining your emotional balance and being pro active rather than reactive and when you become more positive and magnetic that people like you more and more, and you are able to present things in a way that they really want to help you then you will be well on your way to much greater health and success.

by Michael Twomey

Michael Twomey is a Success Coach and Professional Hypnotist in NYC. He has helped many people to change their habits, beliefs and improve their lives. He lives with his beautiful, loving and talented wife, Maggie in Brooklyn.

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