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We all do communicate with one another through our look as well as what we do say and how do we sound. In fact what our body is doing while we are talking (i.e. the body language) could often play much greater part in the communication than we do think.

Most obvious form of the paralanguage is the body language or the kinesics . This is a language of the gestures, expressions, and the postures. In North America, for the instance, we commonly use arms and shake hands and say good-bye, point, count, express an excitement, beckon, warn away, a threaten, etc. In fact, we will learn many subtle variations of each of the gestures discussed above and make use of these gestures situation. We will use head to either say yes or to say no, to smile, frown, and wink acknowledgement or flirtation. The head and the shoulder in combination may shrug to indicating that we do not know something about the topic.

The eye contact
The eye contact helps to create the better interaction and the rapport with the listeners. Always try to look at listener at the end of the sentence to reinforce a message in that sentence.

The gesture
The gestures can help to give your voice the extra energy and the confidence Try to gesture on some of the key words – this will give the words a greater emphasis.

The Presence
Adopt ‘Anchor Position’ whenever you do want to keep the body language calm and controlled. While sitting do keep the small of back into back of the chair. This will help and support your posture and do maintain the energy and the confident style. Aim to keep the body language open and be relaxed all the times. Physical attitude can affect the psychological attitude.

The Movement and the Space
Be sensitive towards the people’s space and try not to intrude into it. To achieve the report when speaking to others try to match up the levels –like either both are sitting or standing with a body angled in towards other person.

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