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Creative Cooperative Teams

Two things will define a successful work team: A good problem-solving skills, and the strong collaborative ability. What will hold so many teams back from achieving up these qualities? Many times it is quite natural human tendency to feel that "my way is a only way." Flexibility is a first requirement for the good team player. With this quality firmly in the place, the team members can listen better, build up on each other's ideas better, and then finally make the better decisions. The great team is more than a sum of its parts-as long as the parts do know it.

The attendees are then led through the series of the exercises which let them experience a basic principles of the creativity and the cooperation:

Communicate well. A Good communication do involve both sending and receiving the information clearly. We are the good "Receivers" get a more mistake-free messages if we do keep all our attention focused outward. We are the good "Senders" if we make the habit of checking in, to ensure that our message was clear.

Share even the bad ideas. Second inviolable rule, and the must for brainstorming the sessions. Since all the creative people do have many lousy ideas before they could get the good one, it does stands to reason that a faster you dig sooner you will hit the pay dirt. Your team does not have to act on the lousy ideas. But each member do have to share them.

Accept and handle the conflict. Like the stress, conflict is inevitable. Like the stress, it can also be both the positive and the negative. Positive dynamics of the conflict does include increased energy and the attention. The negative ones include the resistance and the defensiveness. Remaining flexible during the times of conflict is a key. Although this will not come naturally to most of the people, simple secrets exist to help us to do it.

Focus on the partner Not yourself. The indispensable trait of a good teams is the cooperation. and the indispensable trait of a cooperation is the outward focus, the willingness to be as interested in the other peoples thoughts and the ideas as in your own. Whole team ultimately may decide to go with an idea you brought up in first place, but during brain-storming session this is not a point. Listening to the team members is a point. Put in another way: having the ideas will make you good team player; clutching them fiercely to the chest will not.

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