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Effective Communication Fundamentals

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Communication is the complex two-way process, involving encoding, translation and the decoding of the messages. The effective communication requires a communicator to translate their messages in the way which is specifically designed for the intended audience.

Creating and delivering the effective presentation requires basic understanding of a communication process. Most of the business presentations require a clear and an unambiguous communication of the message in the way which can be clearly understood by a recipient.

Tps for Effective Communication

  • Be honest while communicating. Dishonesty will somewhere show up along a line.

  • Take interest in the people you are communicating with. Remember the people are more attracted towards those who have interest in them, and pays more attention to what they say.

  • Think before you speak or put pen to paper: what message you trying to convey? What outcome do you want to elicit?

  • Be direct and not aggressive. Lot of flannelling around can make the people lose interest and miss a vital point.

  • Don't use the jargon and acronyms, and also the technical expressions, unless you are sure about that your listeners do understand

  • Write the way as you will speak. Do not fall into a trap of using the long words just because it is written down.

  • Take time. Whether in the speech or in paper, rushing will make you seem nervous, unconfident and like downright scared.

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