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A most guaranteed way of improving the teamwork is by applying the principles of the performance management to a group's behaviors. This does involves these many basic steps:

  • Identifying what will the teamwork behaviors lead for the better performance (called TARGET behaviors)

  • Finding which of the teamwork behaviors that are currently being used (called CURRENT behaviors)

  • Undertaking the gap analysis between the target and the current teamwork behaviors, and also taking action to bring the current teamwork behaviors closer to a target

The Target Behaviors

One of the way to recognize the target teamwork behaviors is to complete a ITPQ (the Ideal Team Profile Questionnaire) instrument. This could be completed by a teams, peer groups, the customers, the staff, the senior management and some others to provide the wide range of views of which would make a team successful. This information will enables a team to:

  • Identify and also manage the conflicting expectations between them, say for example, the management and the customers.

  • Take the wide perspective while setting up the behavioral goals for themselves, which must improve the quality of those goals.

  • Facilitate the dialogue within a team and also with others outside a team on how to improve the performance.

The Gap Analysis

Once target and the current behaviors which are been identified, the team need to work out how to change their current behaviors to be more in line with a target. This will involve of assessing a behavioral gap and producing the action plan for a team to be implemented.

The Current Behaviors

A Current behaviors might be influenced by the factors, such as shown below:

  • An organizational culture

  • Preferences for the team members

  • The Current circumstances

  • Feedback from the people outside a team

  • And the many other factors

One of the way to identify the current behaviors is to complete MTR-i (which is Management Team Roles - indicator) instrument. This is been completed by a individuals within the team, and it will identify the roles which they are currently performing those can be aggregated to show the collective team behaviors.

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