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Leadership Development Model

We do live in a paradoxical world. At one level, we are been expected to learn the entire life, many of us who are spending 16 or more years getting the formal education. But no where in this process anyone did teach us how to learn to recall the things, so if even we are exposed to the sound ideas, most of them have been forgotten.

To make the matters worse, very few of us know how to turn the useful theory into a real world skills. Traditional training model still which is commonly been used is that if you do practice once, you will know how to do the things. A real world will not work like that, you should have to practice many times before the skills are been mastered.

A model stresses that the leadership skill development is learning how to master the process of skills development. To do that, we need a proper mixture of the feedback, the motivation, the practice and the theory.

We will provide the Skills Development Model so we can more quickly develop the expertise. It will minimizes the frustration by using the combination of sound theory combined with the repeated practice to have the individuals perfect skills and the behaviors.

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