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Leadership Skills

Leadership Passion Propulsion

Passion is known as a great motivator. It is this which gives a ultimate meaning to all your actions. Being fiercely passionate about the goals and the targets helps to give you the edge and will helps you a inch closer to the leadership position.

Step 1 - Define the passion in you:

What fires you up? For some of the people, answer to this question is been very obvious. For others, it is little more difficult.

If you are facing it difficult in giving definite answer set aside the 30 minutes to answer three of the following questions:

  • How I want my life to be like when I am 60?

  • What I should have to accomplished 5 years from now?

  • What three things I want to do if I had only 6 months to live?

Each of the question will do have several answers. Choose a top three answers for each of the questions above.

Out of these nine goals which you have identified, pick out the three goals which do look most important to you. Obviously, these three goals are the things which are very important to you. You should be naturally passionate about achieving them: If not, then you should need to set the goals which are on the grander or the more beneficial scale!

Step 2 - Harness the Passion Energy

Once you have set out the inspirational goals, work out for what you should need to do to achieve these goals.

Identify a key information and the training you need to achieve them effectively, and also think through the tools which you may need and the people of whom you need support from on your way.

Make the professional, rational, well thought-through the plan. And then do use this plan to turn the goals into reality.

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