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Leadership Skills

Leadership quality incorporates many of the diverse skills and the qualities, and for many of the people it does not come naturally. Good leader is a one who can find balance in managing, disciplining, delegating, instructing , encouraging, and sympathizing. Good leader do strives to accomplish the goal common among most of the leaders: to make the people believe in your vision, make them follow you, and do whatever it do takes to get a job done.

As the manager/leader, all the eyes are on you. You will be representing the company; do choose your words carefully, be confident leader, and do make your presence known without being haughty or condescending. No person wants to feel like as if they are at a bottom of totem pole, so as the leader, do relate to your employees, try to be on their level, and do set examples. The people like to emulate the leaders, and if you are conscious of all your actions, the people will follow your lead and will strive to reach the top. All the parties will profit.

Since the leadership is not inherent in most of the people, a wise leader must work with others to help them out to develop their own leadership skills and the style; education is the key factor to the successful leadership. It is not easy task to get everyone to work together amicably for good of the common goal, but this can be done. Good leader do sets a tone for each and every project and will helps to motivate a team to do the best it can do. Good leader also know to give credit to people who have done good job.

Leadership Qualities

A leader should have:

  • Vision of where he/she is going.

  • Ability to do communicate well to the his/her followers.

  • The shepherd’s heart for his/her people who work under.

  • Understanding of a role of management as it will relates to the leadership.

  • Deep desire to go on learning new things.

  • Resolve to handle pain which comes with the leadership.

  • Anointing of Spirit of the God in his/her life.

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