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Negotiation Skills

A complex sales situations should be navigated by the sales professionals who do know how to successfully handle the challenge. Negotiate Success do provides the proven methods to overcome the objections without relying on the price as a solution. This programmed is the non-manipulative, The customer-focused process of ensuring both the sides win, which do leaves the company in the stronger position for the future opportunities.

negotiation is the natural process in the business; both the sides must be fully prepared and if possible should enjoy the process. Through the good negotiation it is possible for both the sides to come out of a deal happy.

The Successful Negotiators Plan

Each of the negotiation will, if are done properly, be concerned with trading the concessions against each other. There will be usually more issues and the variables than could be used for such a trading than is immediately obvious. Good negotiator should consider all the possible variables before meeting, calculate or do estimate what each will cost, then decide which he/she will prefer to use and which others would prepared to use if it came to crunch.

It can't be emphasized too strongly which the essence of the good negotiating lies in obtaining the concessions from other party which will totally or largely compensate for which you have extended.

What variables can I use?

  • price

  • discount or rebate

  • bonuses

  • delivery times

  • financing arrangements

  • training

  • packaging

  • spare parts

  • deposit arrangements

  • balance arrangements

  • credit terms

  • guarantees

There are many other variables and you will undoubtedly will be able to produce the core list of the variables for most of your common negotiations.

  • What each one would cost us at different levels of the business? What will it cost them?

  • What each one would be worth to us? What worth would it be to them?

These are the two crucial questions in the effective negotiations because they will start the thought process of: What is cheap for me to give but valuable for the one who gain? Also, What can I value which is cheap for them to agree to? Once you have answer to these questions quickly you will realize that a negotiating can be as art as it is a science.

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