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Leadership Skills
Ten Skills of Leadership

Team Work
Team Work
Improving team work

Negotiation Skills
How to Negotiate

Communication Skills
Effective Communication Skills

Corporate Communication
Organization Communication
Creative Cooperative Teams




Time Management

Practical Time Planning

Listen and Learn


Understanding the Overload
Describes most common sources of the work-related stress, and provides the objective assessment of an extent to which you would be suffering from the overload at work.

Negotiating the Workload
Inability to say 'No' to the requests can be significant contributor to the stress and the overload. This section explains how to decline the requests when it will be appropriate to do so.

Planning The Day
Make schedule or plan all your tasks according to the workload and the performance cycle. This will save your time in thinking what to do next.

Using The Activity Networks
The activity networks, have become established as one of a most popular resource planning techniques that are available.

The Critical Path Analysis
It will show how to identify a critical path within the networks of the activities and how to calculate a total float and a free float available.

The Effective Resource Planning
This describes the resource planning, which is concerned with an effective scheduling of all the resources available in the order to deliver outputs which are required.

Preparing The Planning Diagrams
It discusses various ways which the resource planning information may be summarized for presenting to the senior management.

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