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Remember nobody is born as natural speaker. Of course we can bawl the heads off and make heck of the noise when we were been born - but it is is not quite same!

Greatest speakers today have not just become great overnight! They do have spent lot of time practicing reviewing and reading about the way to improve getting the specific one-to-one feedback on how to improve and also having lots of specialized training and the coaching.

It will take time and also effort to read absorb and apply. It will also takes time and efforts to attend the training courses or the seminars and get a good professional training. If we want to differentiate yourself at the work by becoming great presenter however then it is something which is certainly worth investing the time in.

There is the simple structure into which nearly all the presentations must fit. This comprises of the three clearly identifiable parts - Introduction followed by the main body and finally the conclusion.

Often this is expressed as:

  • Tell what you are going to tell them

  • Tell them

  • Tell what you have told them.

The good guide for breakdown of the presentation is 10/80/10 rule - where the introduction and the conclusion are each allotted of 10% of a presentation time with a main body comprising of about 80%. For example the 30 minute presentation should have 3 minutes for introduction and conclusion each and the main body lasting for 24 minutes. This formula may be applied for any length of the presentation - as it do reflects the good breakdown from audience’s perspective.

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