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Leadership Skills
Ten Skills of Leadership

Time Management
Time Management
Practical Time Planning

Negotiation Skills
How to Negotiate

Communication Skills
Effective Communication Skills

Corporate Communication
Organization Communication
Creative Cooperative Teams




Team Work

Team Interpersonal Skills

Listen and Learn


Engage With the Understanding

  • Recognizing the teamwork foundations

  • Understanding the communication styles of the team member

  • Creating the strategies for building up a team communication

Share the Constructive Feedback

  • Tuning into the communications cues

  • Planning and delivering the feedback

  • Handling the feedback effectively

Participate Actively In the Meetings

  • Planning for the productive meetings

  • Conducting the meetings effectively

  • Evaluating the meeting success

Resolve For the Consensus

  • Choose the conflict-resolution strategies

  • Accepting the team diversity

  • Applying all the team decision-making techniques

Solve the Team Problems

  • Implementing six-step problem-solving model

  • Applying all the problem-solving tools and the methods

  • Applying all the problem-solving model

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