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Traditionally an authority is been delegated down from a top officer of organization to the Executive Vice Presidents who will in turn delegate the responsibilities to the levels of Directors until the responsibility is been accepted by the front-line Managers ultimately who are responsible for the workers performance in the department. Below this hierarchical structure of the organization, individual manager, "boss" personally decides who is there in a department and what will they do. A manager provides his/her workers all the information and the resources provided from the level above.

As the work becomes more and more complex, managers will often finds that more work can be achieved quicker with less effort and less time, if the workers do communicate and coordinate with each other as well as with their boss. This group of workers under the manager will form a team.


A Team
Team is a group consisting small number of people with the complementary skills who are committed to some common purpose, performance goals, and the approach for which they will hold themselves mutually accountable.

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