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Leadership Skills
Ten Skills of Leadership

Team Work
Team Work
Improving team work

Negotiation Skills
How to Negotiate

Communication Skills
Effective Communication Skills

Corporate Communication
Organization Communication
Creative Cooperative Teams




Time Management

Time Saving Techniques

Listen and Learn


Dealing With The Interruptions
This will explains how to evaluate what the interruption represents as the demand on the time and how to deal with the non-urgent interruptions in the polite but an effective way.

Knowing When to Delegate
This will explain how to overcome a reluctance to the delegate, and also how to decide which tasks are most suitable for the delegation.

Delegating Effectively
This will give details about the practical aspects of the delegating work, the importance of providing the ongoing support and the feedback, and a need to evaluate a outcome and apply the lessons learned when delegating the work in future.

Managing The Incoming Calls
This will describes how to screen the incoming calls when you do not want to be disturbed, and a various tactics for keeping the incoming telephone calls as short as possible.

Managing The Outbound Calls
This will explains the use of the outgoing call log to help the plan and structure the calls, and maintain efficient time management approach for making the outgoing calls.

Organizing The Workspace
This will explains how to deal with the incoming paperwork in the efficient way, and how to identify the manual and the electronic filing systems which meet the needs of a way you do work.

Communicating Effectively
This will discusses the various time saving techniques which you can use to improve the efficiency with regard to the written communications. This includes: speed-reading, the business letters and the email.

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