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Source Codes
Asp .NET Source Codes
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Asp/VB Script Source Codes

Reversing a string
using combo box, time picker, list box
working with progress bar
Set Alarm

method of HashMap
Color Composite with Swing
Locale time of diff Country
Convert Number to Precision

String Buffer
Indentify your browser
Code for HashTable
Proper Date Validation

Open a POP up window in center of screen
Send a file attachment and have a Carbon Copy Recipient Using CDONTS
send a simple ascii mail Using CDONTS
How to read the http header

Generate Unique Session ID
How to redirect using Global.asa file
Write a File in ASP
Read a File

Move a File or Files
Delete a File or Files
Copy a File
Append to a File 2

Append to a File 1
Get the filenames of a directory
How to insert quote into a string
ASP Domain Name Validation

ASP Returns Delimited String of All folders and files
ASP Get the filenames in a directory
ASP Delete a directory
Attributes of a directory

Directory Listing
DB Common
Date Subtract
Date Part

Leap Year
Date Format
First and Last day of Month
Date Difference

Date Countdown
Date Add
Date Format
Data MSSQL Connection

Data DSN-Less Connection
Data DSN Connection
Error handling
Send Email With Attachment

Send HTMl Formatted Email
Count Database
File Management and File Explorer
Inbox and Outbox Manipulation in ASP

DSN-less Applications
VBScript Mid Function
Display the name of a month using ASP
Check Active users on site using ASP

Display a chart using ASP
Display XML files using ASP
Display CSV Files Using ASP
Connect to a MySQL database

Simple Text Hit Counter
Create XML Files using ASP
ASP Ad rotator
Server Side Email Addresses Validation

Sending E-Mails with ASP Pages
VBScript for ASP
Server Side Email Addresses Validation using VBScript

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