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C/C++ Source Codes

programme for e.g. of width and setew functions
A program that reads from a character string
Here is a program that writes inside a character array
that reads from a file :(fstream.h is used.)

programme to show that a class can be derived from more than 1 base classes
class may be DERIVED from another class
class variable can also be CONSTANT

class, variable can be declared STATIC
Overloading of ,+, operator with prototype same as name of class name
print the equivalent English of a number
count words and vowels in a line

analog clock
adding 2 numbers
Here is a program that writes inside a character array
programme for sorted linked list.(not only linked list MARK sorted.)

programme to draw a interesting picture using line() function
a programme for getpixel() application
copy a file partly.(only required portion)more USEFUL for AUDIO or VEDIO files
programme to show the include files of a specified .cpp or .h file

menu selection like in windows
shell sort
quick sort

disable or enable keyboard
to print like in calculator, i.e. from right to left
star simulation
change color of the screen characters

dancing colors using vdu programming
dancing dol
link list reversal/ to reverse a link list using iteration as well as recursion
factorial using recursion and iteration/loops in C language

C calendar from 1752
set password in c++
Digital Clock

reboot the system
heap of circles
draw a hut in graphics

example of a full class declaration
declare arrays of objects
programme for constructor "vector" with arguments
programme on class "vector" with information:The ; and no {} shows a prototype

a programme for starting knowledge about The COPY CONSTRUCTOR
in case of dynamic memory allocation ::new is better than malloc
declare only one constructor and give it default parameters wherever possible instead of overloading constructors
example of a class definition with two overloaded constructors

method is allowed to change the variables of the instance it is acting upon
allocation of memory and deallocation of memory during run-time
operator overloading of operator"<<"
"operators overload" can be used to define the basic symbolic operators for new sorts of parameters

It is possible to define default parameters for functions
programme on implementation on queue
references are very useful to un-pointer variables
reference can be used to let a function return a variable

an important programme on pointers
References can be used to allow a function to modify a calling variable
It is possible to make one variable be another
important point on global vs local variable

important point on variable declaration
Like in C, variables can be encapsulated between hooks
A variable can be initialised by a calculation
Variables can be declared everywhere

Input from keyboard and output to screen can be performed through cout and cin
programme for use of ,//,
a simple example of use of fputchar() function
programme to show use of ungetc()function i.e. to send something to buffer.

programme for use of getche() function. i.e. to know the key just entered
programme to read from a file--e.g. of getw() and putw() functions
programme to show use of vfprintf() and fscanf()
programme for use of getchar() function

even number program


A puzzle
Rainbow colors
programme to enter a string using gets function
programme to show the use of puts function

write something on screen by c puts function and window function
count no. of characters written and pointer that points to at last
Program to create backup of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file
writing contents from a file to screen using fgets function

programme to implement use of getc function(getting a key)
programme to show dos error and action done against it
programme to show the use of kbhit function
programme for random numbers using rand() function

create a file and write something in binary mode with RAND function
programme to know the ~ operator
programme to show use of spawn command interrupter
programme to set the background colour of output screen

programme to get the current background colour.
programme to draw and then fill the polygon
programme to draw a polygon
programme to draw an ellipse

programme for flushing last file
fflush out last entered datatype using fflush function
programme to show function of exit function
programme to clear the last graphical output screen

programme to output a string with putc function
to print a character on output-screen using getc () function
programme to make a sub-string
programme to reverse a string

to convert a string of upper case to lower case
how to compare two compare 2 strings
copy elements of 1 string to other

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