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HTML Source Codes

mouse over code

<script> function AntiPopup(a, b, c) { return(null); } </script>
<p> JavaScript vulnerability
<b>To view this demo, please turn the Javascript setting of your browser
to "enable Javascript"</b>.
We use a very simple mechanism--"onMouseOver" in the html
&lt;a&gt; tag---to
invoke some Javascript code to open a new connection.
<a href="/jsexample.php" class="EMPTY" onMouseOver='"", "JavsacriptDemo", "width=600,height=200,toolbar,location,status,menubar,scrollbars")'><font color="#0000FF" size=+2>Please
move the mouse over me.</font>
<script> function AntiPopup(a, b, c) { return(AntiPopup(a, b, c)); } </script> </body>

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